Liuvob Charkashyna (BLR)

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Liuvob Charkashyna (BLR)

Mensaje por yerofeeva el Vie 30 Mar 2012 - 13:31

News Oct 13, 2011

Belarusian grace Liubov Cherkashina not acting for the sake of winning.

She declared herself was in full caliber at a time when the RG platform, was seemed reigned by supreme Alina Kabaeva. However, real recognition came to the Belarusian grace in "the reign" is another Russian star -

Beijing Olympic champion Evgenia Kanaeva. Moreover, at the European Championships 2011 final even managed to beat Kanaeva on a pedestal and to prove the truth of the old as the hills - undefeated in the sport does not happen. At the recent World Cup in France in Montpellier, where the judge again gave first place to Kanaeva, Cherkashina were satisfied getting for "bronze" in the exercise with the ball and "silver" in the team competition. Most important - the Belarusian artist managed to win a license for the 2012 Olympics. Game in London will show whether the forces of Belarusian could win the Olympic "gold".

- Liubov, how do you rate your performance at the World Championships in Montpellier?
- In general I am satisfied. The only thing was very upset that because of some two-tenths of points was only fourth in the all-around. But on the other hand, it will stimulate on further working. Of course, gymnastics- a subjective sport. But I am confident that we can fight with any competitors, and the Russians too. As Eugenia Kanaeva is not a robot, and she is same human, like all of us, and so she too can make mistakes. In addition, we stand out from representatives of other countries with our trademark style. And this is our advantage.

- Qualification for the 2012 Olympics you have already won. In your opinion, what you can expect at the Games in London?

- Four years ago I would have said so: "At the Olympics necessarily to win a medal." But with experience I know: do not throw words, you just need to go to your goal and achieve it. In London to fight for the awards will be very difficult. In the third place in the individual exercise - not to mention the first - the strongest aim to seventeen gymnasts in the world. And they all deserved to be in principle on a pedestal.

- You were so long in the shadow of other Belarusian athletes, in particular, Inna Zhukova. What helped you to continue to train, go to the goal without dropping hands? After all, many with whom you started, have already left the sport ...
- One of the newspapers once wrote that Cherkashina would leave gymnastics after the Olympics in London. Somewhat strange to read - in fact I myself still do not even think. Refering to the first part of the question, then, believe me, I did not get hurt that was for so many years to plow, so I finally started to "be noticed" by the judge and I began to gain medals at the European and world championships.
Most important - I achieved it. And now I am on carpet is not for the sake of winning, and to give the new entry athletes motivation to do gymnastics. In my example, they see what can be achieved if we continue to work hard. And, of course, simply want to please the audience, fans who supported for me. By the way, a Japanese flew to the World Cup in France, specifically support our team. That is to say, our fan.
He sat on the podium with the Belarusian flag and rooting only for us.

- I wonder which of the gymnastic items for you the most insidious?
- Now they're all the same. But when it was first, the most "tricky" for me was a tape. It seemed to me far too long and terribly naughty.

- Head coach of Russian national Irina Viner believes that it is time to act in competition with several objects. How do you feel about this idea?
- In training for better coordination and we are currently working, for example, hoop and ribbon at the same time. And in shows is a common practice. But the demonstrations - all the same show. Introduce "mnogostanochnye" combinations in the official competition, in my opinion, still not worth it. Because then you have to do less complex programs, constantly collecting items on the site.
In my opinion, if that's the change in the gym, so this play Olympic medals in individual events, not only in all-around. Then one of the exercises athlete could take a chance by performing a unique element.
And so we have no room for error, because at stake is only one set of medals.

-You have a very beautiful and romantic name - Liubov (means Love). It somehow affects your life?
- When I was introduced at the competition, all around smiling, wherever she ever compete. Love is translated into any language in the world. In Italy, for example, a married couple are so pleased with my name, they decided to use the name for their daughter.

- Your most dedicated love in your life - gymnastics too?
- In the gymnastics, I implement myself, I find in it inspiration for the development to move forward. But my most dedicated love, of course, to the spouse. . But, alas, in the hall I spend more time than at home.

- Your husband is probably the nature of gold, if he puts up with this situation?
- With my husband I am really lucky. In the past, football player, he knows what life is like an athlete. Always meets me after training, and when I get tired, never asks for something to do around the house. In addition, he likes to cook and often treats me dinner ...
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Re: Liuvob Charkashyna (BLR)

Mensaje por yerofeeva el Vie 30 Mar 2012 - 13:39

Interview March 28, 2012

Liubov Cherkashina: hung "bronze" to the ceiling

At the beginning of the season the Belarusian Olympic gymnastics fans
turned their views on those who will represent our country at the OG in
London, and especially the team leader, Liubov Cherkashina. She started
the year with a victory in AA at a tournament in America, LA «Lights»,
then climbed on the podium three times, the international competition in
Riga. It is noteworthy that in Latvia for the first time and long time
in AA Cherkashina lost to Stanyuta.

How can we explain, we decided to ask Liubov in person, which, as always with humor, spoke about recent developments.

- Want to know how I missed the "bronze" in all-around? (Laughs.) In
this tournament, for me I could test my new programs in the competition.
Aim to win high podium, and there was no rewards, though, being a
professional athlete, fought till the end. During the competition, I
tried to monitor my movements, remembered and analyzed errors. Often,
our judges will approach and suggest where you have failed and that the
elements can be changed. Now for me, every exit on the competitive
carpet - hard work on the mistakes.

"Bronze medal" all-round was hung on the ceiling. Sure, having passed
the first three routines in the final came in a curious situation. There
was low ceiling, and when during the execution of one of the elements
of ribbon, I threw it up, it did not flown back, hanging over the
ceiling like a pendulum. I had to run for the spare, losing valuable
seconds and points. After this incident, my chance dramatically
vanished, although in other routines acted pretty well.

- Before you check your hand at a
tournament in Los Angeles. What is the point of participation in it,
because all the strongest rivals were not there?

-We have programs need to refine in competition.This is the first start
of the season. For most girls, the composition still in “raw” stage. In
winter, almost all the other gymnasts have changed or improved their
programs. For example, the Olympic champion Evgenia Kanaeva completely
changed three routines, retaining only ribbon, which last year scored
the highest rating - 30 points. She slightly modernized it. Imagine that
a week before the start you had a combination of many elements. One
thing to drive it is by control training, and then drive it in the
tournament. In such situation psychologically would be much easier to
perform without a sharp rivalry. In the struggle with all the strongest
there would be Unforced errors. And then it would be difficult to
convince myself that there is nothing to worry about. That's why I
prefer to start the year with launches like the LA «Lights».

- For past several years, our gymnasts did not come back without medals. What happened at the Grand Prix in Moscow?

- The Moscow competition involved Melita Stanyuta. I think she had
fought with dignity, she just did not have a little luck to win medals.
But the juniors: Bolotina & Galkina, they refined routines for the
May European Championship were good - made their way to the podium.

- How well the new program have been mastered ?

- First I have already learned the elements, while others require
special attention. Always guided by the principle of "no limits to
perfection." There is still a lot of work.

- What are the impression seeing the rivals?

- I was pleased to see our opponents after a long break. But I have no
time to watch their performances, because I need to prepare for my exit.
I don’t like to watch Videotapes. Previously, I do not watch even my
composition. I always thought that all the elements of doing wrong &
ugly. The question arose: what had I done? Fortunately over time
learned to work with the video, which helps to determine my mistakes.
Mostly do it in a dark corner that nobody saw. For opponents’ I almost
do not watch. If someone tell me, look - it's phenomenal performance,
then yes. But I could not have the impression of it. It is important to
see it Live in the Hall. On the tapes, it lost passion & artistry.
Cannot visualize the fire that inspires lives in the show.

- In the offseason, had some memorable experiences?

- New Year's Eve there was a funny story. From my interview with
"Evening Brest" has learned that, I was given the title of Honored
Master of Sports. It was nice and unexpected. I remember how my teachers
called and make sure that is true? That was a nice holiday gift.

- Do you love to make gifts?

- Yes. I had a vacation. Together with my friends of the team, we went
to Novopolotsk gymnastics school, where we held a master class. Then we
visited the orphanage, which took over the patronage Vadim Devyatovsky.
Talked to the children & greeted them. I was pleased to give a
little joy to the kids,looking at their ecstatic faces the more that I
had a positive charge. At that moment I thought of myself as a child and
knew what the price of these emotions for any child. Once upon a time,
too, I went to the competition with wide-open eyes staring at the
Champions. Then a few months I could train under the influence of these
meetings. I do not think of participation in this charity promotion.
This is my life. If I had a decent financial condition, happy to
contribute to built some sports facility for them.

- After «Baby Cup", you said that our team has become more popular ...

- We arrived at the tournament was a little shocked. At the entrance
there was someone's mom, who was not allowed into the palace, because
the seats were full. There was nowhere to stand. Surprising, because we
are constantly being told in interviews that the RG we have is
unpopular. On the other hand, Belarus does not have a forum where you
can discuss various aspects of the world gymnastics. I am very
interested in reading the comments on the Russian forums and blogs. The
site of our federation is clearly lagging behind in efficiency, &


- What are the sports you most interested of?

- If I have spare time, happy to go to any event, it various depending
emotions. Recently watched the race of the Biathlon World Championships.
Especially liked the "gold" for our country, "persecution". You sit in
front of TV, worried and feel so patriotic! Also recently watched the
speech Vicky Azarenka.

- Do you have favorite hockey player? I'll try to guess - Andrei Stas?

- Why only him? I would be interested to get acquainted with Ozolins, or
Jagr. Impressive charisma of the same Ovechkin, Malkin. Actually, I'm
for world in sport.

- Then let’s switch topic, when there is free time how to spend?

- Start reading the book "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." I love
internet, but not in social networks. It's funny that the page with my
name on there, and the "virtual I" online, even write something. Missing
cases: that I will go visit his niece, then I walk with pug.

- Like Dogs more than cats?

- I love animals. As a child at home were always different little
animals: rats, guinea pigs. One night the whole family was awakened by a
shriek - our rats given birth to ten pups. Hence, a childhood dream to
become a veterinarian. Then I moved to Minsk and about five years living
without pets. As it turned out, during that time I had an allergy to

- Last year you were recognized as the best gymnast of the country. How do you perceived?

- I was delighted and deeply breathed after the announcement of the
winner. When in 2010 I was given the prize "Sympathy press," I was very
upset. As an athlete, I wanted professional recognition, rather than
public titles. I'm not a media person and I do not need PR to package

- Testing of copper pipes can not pass each. Do you think fame corrupts people?

- Yes. But it is important that a number of capable people are closeby
and put me to the ground. It hurts to fall from this height. Some even
broke, think it is still floating in the clouds. Hard to come back to
life after having lost touch with reality. I had a chance to meet such
people. It is important to be critical to yourself. That is good, if
there are friends that you will not be sprinkled with confetti, and
frankly point out the mistakes and shortcomings.

- Many people did not forsee you as future champion. But you believe in success?

- No. It is difficult, as a child to figure my dream and go to it for
life. I still do not understand how I was at nine years old were taken
to the gymnastics sports. Reconstructed with difficulty. Only when there
were the first successes, and I was noticed by the judges, I realized
that I could achieve something. A child cannot choose your own path in
life - that it helped by parents and his environment. My mother, who
took me to the gym, always supports me. Often, I shouted to her: "I do
not want to go to the gym for gymnastics!" Of course she was upset. But
glad that I did not sit idle. As I get older and there was another

- What quality should be a key to be an "artist"?

- endurance and hard work. But always there is a third component of success - good luck.

- How to keep relation with husband that you are always not at home?

- We have mutual understanding. We are both happy with it, although we
do not get tired in communicating to each other. Now he is probably
already waiting for me near the entrance to the Insurance Company
"Dynamo" to drive me home.

- Each meeting like in the honeymoon?

- Like all people. I'm also not gifted. When I am with a good man, and life seems to be honey(sweet)
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Re: Liuvob Charkashyna (BLR)

Mensaje por faMara el Lun 24 Dic 2012 - 8:11

FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS LIUBOV CHARKASHYNA ¡¡¡¡, mi preferida, es una gimnasta única y maravillosa, la voy a echar mucho de menos en el tapiz.
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Re: Liuvob Charkashyna (BLR)

Mensaje por Claudia-principiante el Lun 24 Dic 2012 - 19:53

@faMara escribió:FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS LIUBOV CHARKASHYNA ¡¡¡¡, mi preferida, es una gimnasta única y maravillosa, la voy a echar mucho de menos en el tapiz.

¡¡¡FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!!! :CUMPLE: aplauso :CUMPLE: aplauso :CUMPLE: aplauso :CUMPLE:

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